Notice: All databases provided by the Harrington Library Consortium (HLC) are solely for use by HLC member libraries and by HLC individual cardholders. Use of HLC services by non-HLC affiliated institutions or entities is expressly prohibited. Individual cardholders must not use their privileges to allow schools, classes, clubs, or any other group to access these services. Individual cardholders’ privileges may be revoked for violation of this licensing policy. For questions or more information, please call (806) 378-6037.

Search for books, recordings, DVDs, magazines, and more. Searches can be made by subject, author, title, or other common elements used to identify items, or users may conduct a general keyword search.
cloud-library Borrow eBooks and audio books through Lovett Memorial Library’s digital collection. On-line patrons can be reading in minutes. All that is required is a library card, a pin number and a device.
Tumble Books brings story books to life, and offers parents, teachers and caregivers a great opportunity to share their favorite books or discover new ones. Older readers will enjoy Tumble Readables, a mix of story, chapter, and classic books that will bring the love of literature home!
Global Road Warrior will help you understand other countries and cultures, whether you are writing a paper, or planning a trip abroad. Learn about tipping in Burundi, or how to dress for a business meeting in Austria. Are immunizations required to visit Canada? Get answers to your cultural and geography questions through GRW.
Columbia Granger’s contains 250,000 full-text poems plus 450,000 citations and growing! The poems in full text are the most widely read in the English language as well as other languages such as Spanish, French, German, and Italian.  Some poems are available in audio.
AtoZ the USA is the “go-to” resource for US state and territory information. No other product combines so many cultural, historical, and social topic reports with so many modern and vintage maps, photos, and other images.
Britannica Public Libraries Online is a general reference collection that offers resources for both adults and children. Users may choose from a selection of age-appropriate levels to determine which level works best for them. Library patrons will find it easy to conduct research, complete homework assignments and work on special projects. Users can even store research in their own personal “Workspace.”
Britannica Academic Edition is a complete, multi-faceted research tool that includes the following resources: an atlas, biographies, e-books, news, multimedia, and more.
The Britannica Enciclopedia Moderna covers all fields of knowledge including arts, geography, philosophy, science, sports, and much more. Users may access a quick reference of 24,000 entries and 2.5 million words. In addition, Enciclopedia Moderna contains more than 4,800 images, graphs and tables. This resource offers a simple A-Z organization with clear descriptions designed to appeal to both Spanish speakers and Spanish language learners.
Enrich the learning of elementary students with the virtual environment of Britannica Escolar Online featuring interactive games, articles, videos, multimedia, maps and much more!

Free Databases

The eBooks contained at Project Gutenberg ( are provided freely for public use with no monetary restrictions, as most, if not all, items have passed into the public domain. Please refer to the Website’s terms and conditions for more information.
Sweet Search is a free search engine for students that is configured to search only Websites approved by Internet research experts.
 Word Stash is a free service that describes itself as “half vocabulary builder, half dictionary, and full awesome.”
At Free Lexile Resources, users may browse for information according to author, to word count or to date written. In addition, searchers can access and find references as well as locate Lexile measures for popular primary and secondary sources. Learn more about Common Core State Standards and explore a number of free teaching tools including the “Find a Book” tool, “The Lexile Analyzer” tool, “The Lexile Titles Database Download” tool and “The Lexile Map” feature.
FamilySearch gathers, preserves and shares genealogical records worldwide.
Find tutorials and videos on a variety of applications or subjects such as Facebook, email, Google, Microsoft Office, math, career building and much, much more!

Databases provided by HLC in conjunction with your local library 
Check your local library website to see if they subscribe to these databases

With Cypress Resume, you can effortlessly create a professional resume and cover letter easily! Over 100,000 professions are represented in Cypress Resume by over 1,100 core task groups


Databases Provided by The Texas State Library and your Public or School Library
Check your local library website to see if they subscribe to these databases

In addition to fifteen different databases, TexQuest offers a collection of ebooks from Gale Cengage as well as two historical archives consisting of primary source materials from Adam Matthew Digital. Ask the staff of Lovett Memorial Library for log-in credentials.
TexShare provides a host of databases with quality, reliable information geared toward all manner of topics — from genealogy research, to medical research, to small business research, to small engine repair, to arts and crafts projects. These powerful research tools are available 24 hours a day in the homes or offices of registered patrons of participating Texas public libraries. Ask the staff of Lovett Memorial Library for log in credentials.
Take a practice GED test, sharpen your interview skills, or work through a skills course with Learning Express Library. This resource can be used by all members of the family, whether taking a practice TAKS test or reading an ebook to learn how to craft a winning resume. Provided by Texas State Library and Archives Commission.  *Learning Express 3.0 requires re-registration. 

Databases Provided by your Local Public Library

world-vital-records-300x120Over 4.6 billion records. Your complete solution for tracing your family tree as far back as possible.  Participating Libraries.

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