Library Services

Interlibrary Loan:   Swisher County Library patrons, in good standing, may request a book located in another library. Patrons requesting a book will pay one-way postage and return the book to us. Should the patron not pick up the material within 5 days, the material will be returned and the patron will be charged for the return postage. No other material will be ordered for said patron. Similarly, if a patron returns materials over 7 days late, no other material will be ordered for said patron.

Reciprocal Borrowing:  Patrons with a Swisher County Library card have the privilege of checking out books from other libraries in the panhandle north of Tulia, with the understanding that the book is to be returned to that library.

Book Drop:  Swisher County Library provides a 24 hour book drop for your convenience, located at the front of the building.

Microfilm:  We have The Tulia Herald on microfilm starting from 1918 through 2013 available for research in the library.

Internet Access:  Swisher County Library has 7 computers available for public use. Two of these computers have been set aside for persons wishing to do academic/occupational/professional studies. We also have the capabilites for wireless internet access.We ask that you read and sign the policy agreement before using our computers or the wireless access, and comply with the agreement at all times.

Printing: Printing is available for .25 per page generated. Double-sided printing is .50 per page. Photo printing:  Photos less than 75% of the page will be .50 cents. If photos are being printed on regular paper, a charge of $1.00 per page will be required if it takes up 75% or more of the page.

Copies:  We will make copies for the public at .25 cents per page. Double-sided copies are .50 cents per page. We will send faxes for $1.00 per page.

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