Patron Policy


All patrons of Swisher County Library are served without regard to race, creed or color. Library cards are available to any Swisher County resident who requests one.

Adult patrons will not leave children 10 years old and under without supervision in any area of the library.

All cell phone usage must be conducted outside the library doors.

The librarian or staff may deny service to any person for failure to pay fines, destruction of library property or for objectionable conduct in the library. All patrons of the library are expected to abide by the Patron Policy of Swisher County Library.


Food (including candy) and drinks are not allowed anywhere in the library.


Patrons will be issued individual library cards. These cards are used for checking out library material and using the computers. Computer policy must be read and signed before first use. Each patron must supply a valid driver’s license and proof of address, and sign the application form. A parent or legal guardian must supply their driver’s license and proof of address, and sign the application for children age seventeen and under. Children must be at least 5 years old and able to sign their own name.
The library card must be presented to the library clerk at the desk in order to check out books or other library material. There will be a charge of $2.00 to replace a lost card.


Patrons wishing to use library computers only can be issued a computer only card. This card cannot be used to check out books or other items from the library. Each patron desiring a computer card must have a valid driver’s license or TX ID. This card and it’s accompanying PIN will be used to sign on the computer.


Four titles may be checked out on one patron card, with a limit of two NEW titles.


Titles (including tapes, CD’s and DVD’s) are checked out for 2 weeks and may be rechecked twice, with the exception of NEW titles which cannot be rechecked. If a book is on hold for another patron, it cannot be rechecked. NEW magazines may be checked out for one week, and back issues may be checked out for two weeks.


Reserves will be held for 5 business days. This includes the day the item arrived. Items cannot be reserved for a specific date.


Charges for overdue books, tapes and CD’s are .10 per day per title (excluding weekends and holidays). Patrons with fines may be grouped with other cardholding members of the household if fines are not paid promptly. Overdue fines can result in suspension of privileges for the entire group.


Damage charges will be assessed depending on the extent of the damage and is at the discretion of the librarian. A processing fee of $5.00 will be added to the cost of the item if the item is too damaged to be circulated.
Lost items that have been paid for become the property of the patron. The library does not issue refunds for lost/paid items. Patrons are not allowed to purchase their own replacements without prior library staff approval.


A drop box is located on the front of the library portion of the building for your convenience. A first overdue notice is sent out at two weeks overdue. An invoice is sent out at 60 days overdue.
Patrons must notify the library of changes to their address, email or telephone number. The library is not responsible for undelivered notices if no current information is provided.


Patrons requesting loan material will be charged for one-way postage. Should the patron not pick up the material within 5 days, the material will be returned and the patron will be charged the postage. No other material will be ordered for said patron. Similarly, if a patron returns materials over 7 days late, no other material will be ordered for said patron.

December 14, 2017



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