About Us

Bowie Middle School stands out among other middle schools for its diversity and potential. The school library program is a vital part of the Bowie campus in preparing students for demands of the 21st century workplace. Simply put, a library transforms students into learners. A library program provides an atmosphere for learning in conjunction with flexible access to resources. The school library is a place for students to pursue specialized inquiries, interests, and ideas whether independently or part of a group. Our facility is designed and arranged to enhance its appeal and ability to study, display student work and products, and provide engaging library program activities that promote participation. The library provides differentiation, integrations of technology, and collaborations which aid students as they become part of today’s information rich society. Students love to find ways to come and participate in safe, fun, and enriching learning adventures.

We are a member of the Harrington Library Consortium which provides our patrons with materials found in the Amarillo Public Library. This system allows for our students to access appropriate information not only at school, but in the community as well. New electronic digital resources and materials are continuously added to keep our services up to date.

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