February 2018


It’s February. The month of ‘love’. And let me tell you, there is some serious bibliophilia in the air here at the library! We have SO many new books coming in every week from the Adopt-A-Book fundraiser!

Have you witnessed how a new animal mother will bring her pups to you, push them at your feet, and just beg you with those round dewy eyes of hers to love her babies? That. That is how I feel about all our new books! Such beautiful, smooth covers. And that glorious brand-new book smell! Ahh. There is a reason people use the phrase “nose stuck in a book”. It’s just possible that the happiness derived from reading is in part because we get high off the scent of them! So many great stories come across my desk every day, and with each new book that arrives, my little book-loving heart expands just a tad bit more to love them. I have so many books on my to-read list, that I might just be in competition with Santa! These books need to be read. They need to be loved. So please, come in and let me show off my new babies, err, I mean books! I guarantee there should be something here that you can fall in love with. And if not, come tell me what books spark your interest that are missing from our collection! We want to put books on our shelves that YOU want to read.

Speaking of February, this is our final month for the Adopt -A-Book fundraiser. We started in December with a goal of 100 new books and are currently at 89! If you have been waiting, February is the perfect month for you to jump on board, and I’ll give you three reasons why. Number one, if you make an adoption of $10 or more, you will get a free children’s ‘Build a Better World’ t-shirt with our library name printed on it! We have limited youth sizes, so these will be given out on a first come-first serves basis. Reason number two, one of our main distributors for large print books is having a crazy good sale on select titles. Large print books are a popular item here, but they are also some of the most expensive books we purchase, running between $35-$40 on average. But this month we can choose from hundreds of titles that are 60% off original price, averaging $12-16 each! We would love to take advantage or this sale and add more to our large print collection. When you donate, just be sure to specify you would like it to go toward large print books or make a selection yourself from some of the available titles. And finally, reason number three. This is the last month. Kind of a no brainer there! We will keep our wish list around for patrons who want to continue giving on a monthly or quarterly basis and for memorial donations, but the fundraiser ends officially the last day of February. If you follow the library’s Facebook page, you know that I have been posting weekly updates on our goal chart and how close we are. To make things a little bit more exciting, we are going to finish out February blind… no goal updates until all the donations are in! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a few more books to sniff.

Desarae Phipps

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