October 2017


Fwew! Oh, hi again! Down here…on the floor…yes that’s me! Just catching my breath for second. It has been busy around here! There has been a lot happening here at the library. Have a seat, and let me give you the run down. You may or may not know, but Thursday mornings are exciting at the library! That is when we do Story Time for our bright eyed, eager little preschoolers. After a little break, we started our new season back in September! Our numbers are up, and we are happy to have new faces joining us. This little program has fast become mommy-social hour, and we love to see this meeting a need in the community and providing a way for friends to meet while giving their kids something to do. If you are ever bored (or feeling adventurous, whichever the case may be) we would love to have volunteers during Story Time! There are crafts each week, and a ‘Mystery Reader’ would be a fun treat for the kiddos!

Speaking of new faces and Story Time, just this month we hosted a baby shower for one of our Story Time mommies who has recently relocated to the area. I want you to feel very proud of the valley community we call home. Ladies from Quitaque and Turkey joined forces to host a shower right here at the library just before Story Time one Thursday morning. We not only got to welcome a new baby soon to enter this big, bright world, we also got to embrace a new family into our community in a very special way. And THAT is our heart as a public library. A place to create connections not only with books, but also with each other. I’m so stinking pleased, y’all! Let me just wipe away a happy little tear… all right, all better. Onto more news!

Another happy but tearful event at the library this month has added to our Kleenex bill. After 27 years of service to the community of Quitaque, the City held an Appreciation Reception in honor of Janice Henson. Mayor for 5 years, and council member before that, she has been a force for growth and vision, this new library of ours being a big part of that. Thank you to all that came and showed your loving appreciation! We will miss Janice, but we send her into new things with all joy and prayers for success!

If all this talk of community and going’s on at the library has you a little jealous because you missed out, don’t worry! I have good news for you, we have just launched a monthly Book Club! What’s a book club you ask? Let me first ask you this. Have you ever read a book and thought to yourself, “Why did they do that?!”, “What were they thinking?”, “They can’t kill him off!”, “Oh, if I could just get my hands on that villain!”  Yes? Then you my friend, are the perfect candidate for joining a book club! Each month members select a book to read, everyone reads the book in their own time throughout the month, then at the next meeting the group discusses the joys and agonies of said book. Finally, you have a sounding board for your character frustrations, an understanding nod when you share about the empty hole in your life now that you’ve finished this masterpiece, or that partner in crime when you conspire to write the author and demand they accept your ending instead of the travesty that was published. Or maybe you just read a book and talk to some friends. Passionate literary outbursts are optional. If this is something you would like to be a part of, give me a call or stop by for all the details!

BUT, if this STILL doesn’t quite fit the bill, I have something else that might just be your thing. Do you like party events and decorating with a specific theme? Are you interested in travel and other countries? Is Christmas your favorite time of year? If you answered yes to any of these questions, congratulations, you just won a nomination to host a station at our Christmas Around the World Program in December! Sorry, I didn’t have a car to give away. Christmas Around the World was a big hit last year and we want to keep a good thing going! This is a program for our kids that highlights how other countries and cultures celebrate Christmas. We are in the planning process now, so let me know if you would like to host a country or help in any way!

And if that still doesn’t pique your interest, there are always plain ol’, wonderful books and your helpful librarian. We’ll be waiting right here for you.

Desarae Phipps

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