Our Library Services

Things we can help you with!!!                 

To get your Library Card:

Bring your ID or any document that has your name and address pre-printed on it, such as a piece of mail.

Parents may sign for a Library Card for their children. Parents will be responsible for any late fees or damages incurred.

Internet access:   You do not have to have a patron card; however, children 13 and younger MUST be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or older.


Computer Prints: 25¢ per page.

Fax:  940-937-8421

To send:  $.25/ page

Photocopies: (Black and White- no color) 25¢ per page.

Book loans are for 14 days (two weeks) and their fine is $.10/ day

Movie Loans are for two days and their fine is $1.00/ day

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