Borrowing Procedure:
1) A person must have a valid library card with them to be able to check out materials.
a. If card has overdue materials, the card-holder will not be allowed to check out any                other material until the record has been cleared.
b. If fines have reached the amount of $2.00 or more, a card-holder will not be allowed             to check out any additional materials until the fines are paid in full.
c. Lost or damaged materials must be paid for before a patron may check out additional           materials.
2) Periodicals, Reference, and Vertical File materials do not check out.
3) Audiobooks, DVDS and BLURAYS must be returned in their cases. A replacement fee will be charged for lost or damaged cases and covers, or if barcodes are removed from materials.
4) There is a limit of four (4) movies per card, two (2) fiction books out of a series, and two (2) non-fiction books on the same subject as a courtesy to other patrons who may be researching the same topic.

Loan Periods:
1) Regular Loans: Materials are normally checked out for a two (2) week period from date of check out.
2) Special Loans: Two (2) week materials may be checked out for four (4) weeks when requested by the patron. This must be stated to the Circulation Clerk when materials are checked out.  New books and Baker & Taylor books may only be checked out for a two (2) week period.
3) Renewals: Most materials may be renewed once by telephone, online, or in person using the patron’s library card. There will be no renewals allowed on DVDS and BLURAYS. If an item is on hold for another patron or has been checked out for more than six (6) weeks, it is not eligible for renewal and must be returned to the library.  All library material may only be renewed one time.

Overdue Library Materials:
1) Borrowers are responsible for all materials checked out on their library card and agree to return such library materials in usable condition by the due date.
2) When library materials are one (1) week overdue, the patron will receive a phone call or email from the library notifying them that they have overdue materials. If we are unable to reach you by phone, a notice will be mailed.  When library materials are two (2) weeks overdue, the patron will receive a postcard that states if materials are not brought back to the library and all fines paid to the library within seven (7) days from the date of the postcard then the items will be considered lost and Patron’s account will be sent for collection which may result in either criminal or civil charges being filed against the Patron.  If materials are returned, patrons are only responsible for the amount of accrued fines. If materials are not returned, the patron must pay the replacement fee for each item.

1) Regular Materials: The fine for library books and audiobooks is fifteen (.15¢) cents per day or a maximum fine of $5.00 for books and audiobooks.

2) Special Materials: The fine for DVDS and BLURAYS is $2.00 per day or a maximum fine of $10.00.

Damaged Materials:
When a patron returns any library material that is damaged, the patron will receive a phone call from the library.  The library will also mail the patron a postcard notifying them of the damaged item, the amount that has been charged to patron’s account and patron’s option to bring in a new copy of the item or pay the cost of replacement item within seven (7) days from the date of the postcard.  If at the end of the seven (7) days the patron has not taken care of their account the library will turn the patron’s account over for collection which may result in either criminal or civil charges being filed against you.

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