Dome Agreement

I, _________________________________________, a temporary user of the Hutchinson County Aluminum Dome, have read and understand the above fees and procedures for renting and using the Aluminum Dome .  If the Dome is found to be properly cleaned after inspection and the key returned on time my deposit will be returned to me.  I also understand, if I violate the fees and procedures, I will forfeit any future usage of this facility as well as all or a portion of my deposit.

Name: _______________________________________Phone: ___________

Address: _________________________________City _________ST: ____

Zip: __________________________________

Date of Use:  __________________________________________________

Event:  _______________________________________________________

Library Use Only


Rent; $ ________     Date:  __________ Staff:  _____________________

Rent; $ ________     Date:  __________ Staff:  _____________________

Deposit: $ __________ Date: __________ Staff:  ___________________

KEY # ISSUED __________ Date: __________ Staff:  _______________

Date KEY Returned: ________________   Staff: ____________________
Authorization to Return Deposit (who): __________ Staff: _____________

Deposit Returned – Date; __________ Amount: $__________ Staff: ______

Signature of person receiving monies:  ______________________________

Printed Name: _______________________________________________

Approved by Commissioner’s Court 02/12/01


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