Print Screen Instructions

Click on File
Click on Print Setup
Click on the gadget to the right of Application to dump screen
Navigate to the program you want to dump the screen to (ex. MS Word, WordPad, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome).  In this example, we will use MS Excel.

Click on Computer (in the left column)
Double Click on Default (C:) – this is the hard drive
Double Click on Program Files or Program Files (x86)
Double Click on Microsoft Office
Double Click on Office 10, Office 12, Office 14 (it depends on the version of office                    installed)
Double Click on EXCEL.EXE
Then click OK

If you want to print a list of items using this do the following:

Open Item Search or Call Number and Item Maintenance
you can limit your search if you want by location, item type, item category, format, etc.
Click on the first icon (Configure options for the item search)
Make your selections
Click OK
Set Index to Title
Set Library to your library
Set Type to Keyword
Click Search
Now you will want to hide the Search Pane and the View Pane.
Click on the 3rd icon from the left (Show/Hide Search Pane)
Click on the 4th icon from the left (Show/Hide View Pane)
Now Click on File
Click on Print Screen
The screen will open in Excel
You can now easily sort, manipulate and modify the data