About HLC

Mission Statement
The mission of the Harrington Library Consortium is to strengthen and promote excellent library services among our member libraries. The Consortium provides library automation products and services, training and continuing education, exploration of innovative technologies and products, and library business intelligence for informed decision-making.The Consortium helps realize the potential of its member libraries through resource sharing, cost savings, and member collaboration. The consortium supports our members as information and technology literacy providers for the citizens of the Texas Panhandle.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the best library partnership in the nation.

Core Purpose

Our purpose is to expand libraries’ potential to do things they cannot do alone.

Core Values

  • We achieve more together: diverse libraries working together make us stronger.
  • Reliability is the center of our efforts: we are committed to fulfilling the expectations of our libraries.
  • Change is aways with us: we will be flexible and responsive to our libraries’ needs.
  • We respect each other and will communicate with trust and honesty.
  • We are committed to efficiency for all of our operations: getting value for our libraries’ investment is a top priority.
  • We value a seamless working environment: we are one connection to the whole world of knowledge.