Scanner Help

If you are having issues with your barcode scanner, here are some helpful tips to get it working again.  If you continue to have issues with your scanner, please contact HLC and we will work to get your scanner working again, or help you pick out a new scanner that best fits your needs.

Scanner Troubleshooting:

  1. Clean It
  2. Check your USB Cable for cracks/bends; if the scanner beeps when you wiggle the cable, you may have a bad cable.  Call HLC to see if you can order a replacement cable.
  3. Reconfigure the barcode scanner – Contact HLC for the codes to reconfigure
  4. Restart your computer
  5. If your barcode scanner is wireless, put it on the charger overnight for a full charge


If you need to reconfigure the DS4208 2D Corded Scanner, click on the following links and follow the directions below:

Configure DS 4208
p. 56 – Scan Set Defaults
p. 95 – Scan HID Keyboard Emulation
p. 222 – Scan Enable Codabar
p. 224 – Scan Enable Notis Editing
p. 225 – Scan Upper Case

Add Enter Key
In middle of page, scan the three barcodes in that order to “Add an Enter Key”

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