User Groups

Creating a User Group

Click on Modify User
Search for the user that will be considered the parent.
Click on the User groups tab
In the data well next to Group name put the Group name you are going to use, ex TX####### (don’t use the patrons address)
Change the Responsibilty policy to Parent
Click on Save

Click on Modify another user
Search for the next user you want to be in the group
Click on the User groups tab
Put the Group Name in the data well (this is the name you created for the parent)
Leave the Responsibility policy as CHILD
Click Save
You will receive a pop of box that says “Add user to existing User Group?”
Click Yes

Then you can either Modify Another User if you have more to add to the group or you can close.

There should only be one User as the Parent, if you are going to group a husband, wife and children make either the husband or the wife the Parent and the other one will be a Child.